Frequently Asked Questions

All of our products will list the country of origin and whether it was farmed or wild. We tend to look for the best possible combination of both to ensure the highest quality is available to our customers.

One item of concern tends to be farm raised seafood. We generally try to carry “ocean raised” instead of “pond raised’ in most farm raised products. All items regardless of harvest method are inspected by US health departments.

We guarantee the quality of all our seafood and strive to provide our customers with the finest product available. If any customer purchases something from us that they feel is not up to our stated standard, we will gladly refund the price of the item(s).

a. The decision on refund will vary on case to case basis and there will be certain criteria’s for that:

  Dead on arrival.
  Unable to procure products: a reasonable time of 7 – 10 days from the date of authorization has to be given
  Unable to repair the product.
  Lost in deliveries.